15 November 2019

GCM investment completed

In October, the final acceptance protocol of the second stage of the investment, and thus of the entire project of the Upper-Silesian Medical Centre (pl. Górnośląskie Centrum Medyczne – GCM) was signed. Its general contractor was NDI, a company based in Sopot.

The investment consisted of two stages. The first one ended in November 2017 and consisted in the comprehensive construction of a new building in which the Hospital Emergency Department is located on the ground floor; while on the first floor there is a technical zone (main switchboard, heat distribution centre, ventilation room, UPS room, server room) and temporary facilities of the operating theatre, which was reconstructed in the second stage of works. The next – second floor – is an operating theatre with six operating rooms and one hybrid room. On the roof, there are AHUs supporting the operating theatre as well as a water chiller providing refrigerant for the entire building. A raised heliport for helicopters of the Polish Medical Air Rescue was built on the top floor.

In addition to the construction of a new building (the first stage ended in November 2017), as a part of the signed contract, NDI carried out reconstruction of the second floor of the existing building of the Multi-Profile Specialist Hospital (SSW). Until the end of the first stage, the operating theatre was located there. After the transfer of the new building to the Investor, the operating theatre was moved to this building, and on the second floor of SSW, work related to the creation of facilities for the new theatre began. There are airlocks, cloakrooms, rest rooms for staff and storages for each department performing surgeries in new rooms.
Implementation of the investment allowed to create modern conditions for the work of surgical teams and to provide immediate, comprehensive assistance to the victims of accidents who, thanks to the work of the Medical Air Rescue, reach GCM from the areas of Upper Silesia.

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