14 January 2021

Expansion of the Pieniężno – Bartoszyce road 512 at the halfway point

The expansion of the voivodeship road no. 512 on the Pieniężno – Bartoszyce section has already been completed in 55 percent. Works have been underway since May 2020 and are on schedule to be completed in September 2021. They are run by a consortium of companies, a part of the NDI Group.

The extended section of this road (DW512), which is nearly 48 kilometres long, is located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in the Braniewo and Bartoszyce Poviats, in Pieniężno, Górowo Iławeckie and Bartoszyce. The project is challenging in its nature because supplies of materials have to be adequately coordinated as not to make any interruption of works run at numerous road sections and at the same time provide local residents with access to their premises. A high variability of land characteristics at these sections provides an extra difficulty.

At present the construction is complete in approx. 55%, of which the first section – Pieniężno – Górowo Iławeckie – in nearly 65%, and the second section – Górowo Iławeckie – Bartoszyce – in 44%.

– Soon we plan to hand over the completed section starting from the junction towards Kandyty up to the junction heading for Piasek – with the services diversion: power, telecommunication, water supply and gas lines, as well as setting up new street lighting in the following villages: Worławki, Górowo Iławeckie and Piasty Wielkie. There will also be a new stormwater drainage system, culverts and a bridge over the Elma River in Wiewiórki, says Robert Wąsewicz Construction Manager at NDI.

What has already been done?

At the Pieniężno – Górowo Iławeckie section, most sectoral works (such as power, telecommunication, water supply lines and gas pipelines) were completed. Earthworks were also conducted with its road substructure and bituminous layer laid segmentally:
– from Pieniężno (without the first 300 metres) to the bridge at the back of Pełty,
– all over Pluty (apart from approx. 250 m at the back of Pluty) along approx. 4 kilometres towards Górowo Iławeckie
– at the back of Zięby, approx. 600 linear metres
– from Wągniki to Górowo Iławeckie.

Then, at the second section (Górowo Iławeckie – Bartoszyce) a bituminous layer of the road was made as a regular stretch from Górowo Iławeckie to the junction heading for Bezledy, and further – towards Bartoszyce – a frost-protection layer of the beltway around Wojciechy was completed. Apart from the above, three culverts were built between Piasek and Tolko and a storm water drainage system was set up at the back of Tolko. The section starting from the junction towards Kandyty through Górowo Iławeckie up to Piasek has already got its asphalt wearing course, with practically most of the planned works, including vertical road signs, completed.

What does the investment cover?

Under the reconstruction of the voivodeship road no. 512 it is planned to construct a beltway of Górowo Iławeckie and the village of Wojciechy, adjust horizontal and vertical arches of this road as well as construct and reconstruct its road junctions, engineering structures, bridges and culverts, bus bays, pavements and parking spaces. It is also planned to construct weighing stations for heavy goods vehicles provided with their vehicle service areas as well as private and public exits. New street lighting will also be set up. The road will be drained and widened.

What is currently underway at the construction site?

Currently, along the Pieniężno – Górowo Iławeckie section, there are ongoing earthworks, ground reinforcement operations, making aggregate-based road substructure, paving and finishing works. The construction of a frost-protection layer at the beltway around Wojciechy, with its partial aggregate substructure has been nearing completion. Also, the construction of a P16 culvert at front of Wojciechy and a storm water drainage system between Tolko and Spytajny is coming to an end.

In total, under this investment project NDI will carry out:
– Construction of embankments in the amount of approx. 270,000 m3;
– 90 steel pipe arch, pipe culverts, culverts of reinforced concrete and GRP pipes;
– Execution of the substructure made of unbound mixture, for which it is necessary to provide approx. 120,000 Mg of the mixture;
– Execution of the substructure of MCE mixture in the amount of 160,500 m2 (24,075 m3);
– Delivery of mineral and asphalt mixtures in an amount of approx. 130,000 Mg.

The investment project entitled ” Expansion of Voivodeship Road No. 512 on the Pieniężno – Bartoszyce section” is run by a consortium of NDI sp. z o.o. / NDI SA seated in Sopot which plays the role of its General Contractor. Sweco Polska sp. z o.o. seated in Poznań and represented by its Branch Team in Olsztyn acts as the Contract Engineer. And the authorities of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship – the Regional Roads Authority in Olsztyn is the Principal of the investment.

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