25 October 2016

DCT 2 Terminal Opening Ceremony

On October 24, 2016 the DCT2 container terminal in the Northern Port of Gdańsk was festively opened. The construction of the new waterfront and the storage yard took 19 months after its beginning in February 2015. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Belgian company Besix.

NDI acted as the main subcontractor, mainly in terms of providing support in contract management and ground works, hydrotechnical works, installation works, and 3D works. DCT Gdańsk is the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea in terms of the number of transshipments.

As part of the T2 project, a deep-sea waterfront was built, approx. 656 meters long and 17 meters deep, able to accommodate the largest container ships in the world.

NDI Besix – Terminal kontenerowy DCT2 from NDI on Vimeo

 DCT 2:

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