29 December 2021

Contract for the construction of the last section of S6 signed

The 16-kilometer section of the S6 expressway is to connect the end of the Słupsk bypass with the Bobrowniki junction. The investment will be designed and executed by a consortium of NDI, NDI Sopot and Todini Central Asia. An agreement on this subject was signed on December 29, 2021.

The consortium, the leader of which is NDI from Sopot, will be responsible for both the design and construction of S6. The investor is the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. More than 16 kilometres of the expressway between the junction in Redzikowo and the junction in Bobrowniki are to be implemented. The planned section is located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the municipalities of Słupsk and Damnica.

“We are glad that we are returning to the implementation of large road projects,” says Małgorzata Winiarek Gajewska, President of the NDI group. ”It took us several years to get back, but we are pleased that the adopted strategy and determination in its implementation are paying off. I think that in the meantime we have shown that we can handle the implementation of large and complex projects for public clients and we count on successful and constructive partnership with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways,” adds Małgorzata Winiarek Gajewska, President of the NDI Group.

The road under construction is to be a dual carriageway, with two lanes in both directions and emergency lanes. Two road junctions in Budy and Bobrowniki will also be constructed. As part of the investment, Rest Areas will be built on both sides of the route in Paprzyce, as well as an expressway maintenance centre at the junction in Budy.

Plans also provide for service roads and local roads crossing the future expressway, as well as for animal crossings, wildlife culverts with protective and guiding fences, greenery and expressway fencing, anti-glare screens and noise barriers.

“This is a project in the design-build system, so first, we have to make all the necessary design studies, obtain the necessary opinions and technical conditions, arrangements, decisions, and approvals necessary for the performance of this contract. We are also obliged to perform construction works and obtain occupancy permit decisions for the entire scope of the investment. We carry out this construction from A to Z,” says Mariusz Janczewski, Project Director from NDI

The investment cost is almost PLN 550 million. The contractor has 38 months to complete the project.

Ultimately, the S6 expressway (also thanks to other sections under construction) is to connect Szczecin with the Tri-City.

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