13 April 2023

Construction of multi-storey car park for the National Research Institute of Oncology in Warsaw is underway!

An enormous number of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements to be built in, hundreds of oversized transports at night and the constant race against time – this is, in short, how work on the construction of the multi-storey car park of the National Research Institute of Oncology in Warsaw looks like. The project is important because it is being carried out for the largest oncology hospital in Europe, which has almost 90,000 patients each year.

The multi-storey car park is being built as part of the first stage of the expansion and modernisation of the Maria Sklodowska-Curie National Research Institute of Oncology in Warsaw.

“The Institute was designed for 24,000 visits per year. Currently, we receive around 90,000 hospital patients each year. Every day, around 2,000 patients visit the Institute. Combined with the accompanying persons and employees commuting here as well, the number of cars is increasing. Therefore, the construction of a multi-storey car park is of particular importance,” explains Marcin Ozygała, Deputy Director for Administration and Investment from the National Research Institute of Oncology in Warsaw.

The general contractor for this project is the NDI Group, which, in addition to the construction of the car park, is also responsible for the development of the green area, including street furniture around the building. It will also carry out exits from the garage to internal roads and remove collisions with existing infrastructure.

600 new spaces

“We are aware of how necessary this project is. It will provide patients and visitors to the hospital at 5 Roentgena Street with nearly 600 new parking spaces. Hence, we are trying to organise the works in such a way as to complete them as soon as possible,” says Marcin Hołdyński, director of the projects group from the NDI Group. “Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge for us is logistics. The prefabricated elements are up to 18 metres long, so the transports arrive on site at night and are installed the next day. In addition, monolithic works are being carried out concurrently, which means continuous transports of concrete and reinforcing steel. Simultaneously, concreting of the floors is being carried out. We will also begin installation, façade and finishing works in the coming weeks. All these elements must be coordinated so that the individual works do not block each other,” he emphasises.

There have been around 450 deliveries from Gdańsk and Mszczonów to date. The general contractor has 1,460 units of prefabricated reinforced concrete and 33 units of delta beams to be built. The longest poles were 16.5 metres long. The heaviest are the ramp walls – they weigh almost 16 tonnes. The total weight of all the reinforced concrete elements is 11,350 tonnes!

“An additional challenge for us is the very short time for realisation, especially considering the fact that we carry out the works in autumn, winter and spring, when the weather conditions are not always favourable,” adds Marcin Hołdyński, director of the projects group from the NDI Group.

6 storeys

The general contractor plans to complete its work and obtain an occupancy permit in July.

The car park is intended to be a single compact block in the shape of a cuboid. The maximum height of the main block is 18.10 metres.

The garage will be above ground, six storey, without a basement. Car movement between storeys will take place via two heated reinforced concrete ramps. Pedestrians will use two staircases and two lifts.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second multi-storey car park at the National Research Institute of Oncology that NDI is constructing. Last year, the Group completed a project of this type in Gliwice.

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