STOS Competence Center project



STOS Competence Center

As a part of the investment, NDI will build a smart facility that will be equipped with the latest generation technical and network infrastructure, which will allow to perform complex simulations as well as process and archive huge data sets. The most important element of the centre will be the “bunker”, i.e., a server room, which is to meet the highest standards of data security (it is going to be secured in such a way that the data stored in it is not threatened by fire, water or even an electromagnetic field) and will be equipped, i.a., in a supercomputer.
On the ground floor of the building, a server room has been designed with its special part, the so-called “bunker”, as well as the hall, reception, showroom and offices. Offices with a conference room, social facilities, and technical rooms will be built on the first floor. On the levels +2 and +3 there will be, among others, offices, a ventilation room, cooling devices and a technical part supporting server rooms. The building will have two underground levels, intended for parking lots, as well as technical and storage rooms. The facility will be equipped with an intelligent building control and environmental monitoring system. There will also be a process cooling system with a heat recovery installation.
NDI General Contractor NDI
Gdańsk University of Technology Investor Gdańsk University of Technology
2020-2022 Project's execution 2020-2022

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