17 November 2023

Advanced stage of construction of National Road 91 on the Markowice–Brudzowice section!

Reconstruction of the DK 91 from Markowice to Brudzowice in the Silesian Voivodeship is underway. The contractor has completed works on the right-hand carriageway, which can already be used by drivers. Currently, it has focused on the left-hand carriageway. The investment will improve road safety as part of the Trans-European Transport Network.

National Road 91 provides an alternative for drivers who do not wish to take the A1 motorway. The modernised 5-kilometre section runs through the villages of Winowo, Zabijak and Brudzowice in the Silesian Voivodeship. Its reconstruction is expected to improve safety and driving conditions for drivers. The NDI Group in collaboration with SP Sine Midas Stroy is responsible for the investment.

“As part of the task, we are replacing the road structure, which will be adapted to the 11.5 t/axle load capacity requirements. There will also be two bays for vehicle inspections by the services and new safe intersections. Among other things, the dangerous intersection with Leśna Street in Zabijak will be closed,” says Wiesław Czereba, Construction Manager from NDI Sopot.

The investment will also include the reconstruction of intersections with transverse roads, renovation of roadsides and pavement in an engineering facility, construction of sidewalks, ditches and the rainwater sewage system. Road safety equipment, environmental protection elements and the construction of service ducts and road lighting at the intersections at the exits to the villages of Winowno and Zabijak will also be carried out.


Right-hand carriageway already complete

So far, the general contractor has completed works on the right-hand carriageway – including earthworks, construction, as well as bituminous works (AC22P substructure and AC16W binding course) and paving in August this year. The contractor has redirected vehicle traffic to the newly constructed section of the right-hand carriageway. A rainwater sewer and roadside drainage have been constructed, as well as five engineering structures under the carriageway and the reinforcement of slopes, ditches, and topsoiling. The lighting and safety barriers are also ready, and the traffic lights are under construction. Importantly, it was already possible to move traffic onto the new carriageway in August.

“We are currently, in the process of implementing the left-hand carriageway. We have completed 90 per cent of the earthworks and, as part of the construction work, we have already prepared the frost-resistant layer, the auxiliary substructure and the base substructure. 750 linear metres of AC22P bituminous substructure are also ready,” reports the Project Director from NDI Sopot.

In addition, the construction of rainwater sewers, drainage and lighting is underway, as well as five engineering structures under the carriageway – culverts 1, 2, 3, 5. Culverts 2, 3,4 are ready, work is underway on the others.


End of works (Q2 2024)

“By the end of 2023, we plan to have fully completed the structural works on the engineering structures, the bituminous surface for the AC222P substructure, and the cabling for the construction of the road lighting at the intersections. We will also continue the paving works,” says Wiesław Czereba.

According to the signed annex to the Contract, the investment is to be completed by 24 April 2024 if there are no unforeseen circumstances that may affect the completion date. The value of the contract is over PLN 69 million gross. The reconstruction of the DK 91 is yet another infrastructure project that the NDI Group is implementing in Silesia. The task is carried out as part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), which ensures the territorial cohesion of infrastructure investments within the territory of the European Union Member States. TEN-T aims to improve the operation of the single internal market and to stimulate the economic growth of the region. It also facilitates the free movement of people and goods.

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