20 December 2019

90% of works on the construction of Pawła Adamowicza Avenue completed

90% of works on the construction of Pawła Adamowicza Avenue (Nowa Bulońska St.) have been completed. According to the contract, it is planned that the route will be opened for trams by the end of May next year; however, the contractor – NDI based in Sopot – will open the road system to traffic earlier. Load tests on the flyover have also been completed.

Even before the Easter holidays, drivers will drive two brand new street sections. Today, sections of Pawła Adamowicza Av. (Nowa Bulońska St.) and Nowa Wołkowyska St. on the section from the junction with the existing Bulońska Street and Myśliwska Street and access to Myśliwska Południowa Street will open to traffic. The second section opened to traffic is a part of Pawła Adamowicza Av. (Nowa Bulońska St.) to the junction with Warszawska Street and Jabłoniowa Street up to Kartuska Street and access to Stolema Street. It is worth emphasising that no additional works will be carried out on these sections, which means that they were carried out together with the final acceptance, ahead of schedule.

‘By the first half of January, the entire section of Pawła Adamowicza Av. will open to traffic, including passage through the structure. However, traffic organisation will be temporary, as finishing works on the bridge, track construction and finishing works will still be underway,’ says Sylwia Rogall, Project Director at NDI. Bituminous mastics have already been laid on our flyover, now we are making track, caps, railings, lighting. Load tests were successfully carried out on the flyover on Tuesday.

Track works are also underway at the new Ujeścisko tram terminal. There are ongoing works around and under the facility as well. Also, the traction is yet to be completed. Due to the inability to stage this scope of work, it will be constructed before the acceptance of the entire investment. Works under the investment related to the construction of buildings were also completed.
The project investor is the City of Gdańsk, and the general contractor is NDI.

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