Żoli Żoli



Żoli Żoli

NDI will build a housing estate ŻOLI ŻOLI for OKAM Capital.

OKAM Capital has commissioned NDI SA to build a housing estate called ŻOLI ŻOLI. It will be a modernistic estate situated in Rydygiera Street 6 in the Żoliborz district of Warsaw. The enterprise consists in erecting two cosy buildings with the total of 234 flats, with the area ranging from 27 to 113 m2. The flats in building A will be 3 m high, whereas in building B they will be 2.7 m high. On the ground floor, service areas are planned (max. height: 6 m), with shops and service outlets necessary for the residents.

NDI SA General Contractor NDI SA
OKAM Capital Investor OKAM Capital
2017-2018 Project's execution 2017-2018
234 flats
313 parking lots
192 storage areas