4 August 2021

The contract for the reconstruction of the Port in Puck has already been signed!

The port in Puck will be expanded. Yesterday (03/08/2021) the implementation of the investment was sealed by the signing of a contract between the city of Puck and the contractor, the NDI group based in Sopot. If everything goes as planned, new berths for yachts and a safe, modern infrastructure will be ready in September 2023.

“We hope that this investment will become an impulse for development for our city. For Puck, which was always open to water and associated with water. This is another undertaking that will bring tangible benefits to the residents, but also to the entire region, and perhaps Poland and Europe. I am glad that after six and a half years of effort, we were able to sign this agreement,” said the Mayor of Puck, Hanna Pruchniewska.

Ultimately, the investment will consist of several stages. The contract signed yesterday (03/08/2021) concerns the first one. The scope of work includes, among other things, the construction of a part of the northern breakwater, which will protect the fishing basin from excessive waves, and the construction of a permanent connection pier 180 metres long with three floating piers for yachts. There are also plans to prepare the base of the port’s facilities. On the piers, there will be pedestals for energy and water supply, stands with rescue equipment, ladders and mooring cleats. As a result, in addition to the existing ones, as many as 98 new berths for yachts and passenger vessels will be created.

“We are glad that we have been entrusted with the implementation of this important investment. This is yet another hydraulic engineering project that we implement. We will do everything to make the work run smoothly. As soon as it is possible, we will start the implementation of this task,” emphasized Małgorzata Winiarek-Gajewska, president of the NDI group, which was selected as a contractor for construction works in the tender.

The contract with NDI amounts to over PLN 32.8 million. Nearly 84 percent of eligible costs will be covered by co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund.

“The preparatory stage is coming to an end, and the implementation of the construction of the port infrastructure in Puck begins. I am glad that we have finally reached this point because it is the largest and most important project that we are implementing as part of a large program of building a network of marinas in the area of the Vistula delta, Pętla Żuławska and the Gulf of Gdańsk,” said Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. “This investment was, is and will be very much needed.”

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