Construction of a road system for the educational centre at Jabłoniowa



Project: “Construction of a road system for the educational centre at Jabłoniowa” includes a comprehensive implementation of construction and assembly works, including the fulfilment of all the conditions necessary to obtain a permit for use or noticing the construction supervision authorities about the completion of works.
List of implementation elements:
construction of Nowa Jabłoniowa street from the entry to the school with a length of 318 m will be a single-lane section with two rights-of-way (2x3.5 m). The section will have a bituminous surface, and along there will be a bicycle path with a width of 3 m and a walkway for pedestrians with a width of 2.5 m.
•construction of a roundabout with an outside diameter of 34 m will be the end of the construction of Nowa Jabłoniowa. Other roundabout parameters are: carriageway width of 5 m, inner ring with a width of 2 m. Entry to the school will take place from the roundabout.
•construction of a tunnel with a width of 9 m under Nowa Jabłoniowa in km 0+687,39 as a pedestrian crossing
•construction of a service road to handle separators due to the implementation of drainage of Nowa Bulońska Południowa to the reservoir Świętokrzyska II
•greenery development
•water sewage system

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2018 Project's execution 2018

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