Tre Mare Residence

Gdańsk/Sopot border


Tre Mare Residence

The Tre Mare Residence comprises only 63 apartments of 37 to 240 sq. m. The top floors include spacious two-story penthouses with open mezzanines, which allow the living rooms to reach even 6 meters in height. These apartments are also distinguished by large glass walls with a surface of even 18 sq. m. The residence is finished with the use of high-class materials and with attention to detail—as a result, it constitutes a consistent and esthetic whole.

Tre Mare Residence is a development project, the investor and general contractor of which are exclusively the companies of NDI Group.

NDI SA General Contractor NDI SA
NDI Investor NDI
2015-2017 Project's execution 2015-2017
36459 cubic meters

total cubic capactity of the object

2237 square meters

total area of underground storey

9457 square meters

total area of objects