21 December 2023

Three quays at the finish!

The reconstruction of quays in the Port of Szczecin is getting closer to completion. The final pile-driving works on stage II of the Czeskie Quay will soon be completed. Additionally, clean-up work is ongoing. The project’s contractor, NDI Group, is preparing to obtain another occupancy permit.

Improving access to the Port of Szczecin in the area of the Dębicki Canal includes the modernisation of the Czeskie and Słowackie Quays, as well as the construction of new Norweskie and Duńskie Quays and a dumping field on the Ostrów Mieleński island. The total length of pipes used in this project is over 20 kilometres and the length of sheet piling is as much as 40 kilometres. Their weight exceeds 5,000 tonnes. Work is progressing according to plan and the team is preparing to obtain occupancy permits for the Duńskie Quay and the Norweskie Quay. The work is expected to be completed next year.

“We have completed the construction of over 1,300 metres of quays: 770 metres of the Duńskie Quay, 300 metres of the Czeskie Quay (stage I) and 300 metres of the Norweskie Quay. Stage I of the Czeskie Quay is ready and we already have all the occupancy permits, which means that the port can already use it. We will soon introduce this procedure at the Duńskie and Norweskie Quays. The construction of the dumping field is also behind us. In addition, we dredged the bottom,” says Piotr Arabczyk, Project Director from the NDI Group.

Working on the site of an operational facility was a challenge. Freight trains pass within three metres of the construction site boundary. A good work schedule and good occupational health and safety organisation were therefore important.

“We worked on an active water body. The machines we supervise can only operate if they do not interfere with the movement of ships. The dredging work is carried out continuously, 24 hours a day. The excavated material is pumped three kilometres away to the previously constructed dumping field on the island of Ostrów Mieleński,” adds Irena Filipek, Dredging Works Manager from the NDI Group.

Later this month, the team plans to complete two more reinforced concrete sections at the Czeskie Quay and complete the entire pile-driving works. In addition to the implementation scope of the Czeskie Quay, bottom reinforcement will remain to be carried out.

The project in the Port of Szczecin is one of the flagship projects being implemented by Zarząd Morskich Portów Szczecin i Świnoujście SA. The project is co-financed with funds from the European Union’s Cohesion Fund under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme. NDI Group companies are the general contractor.

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