15 May 2019

Safety Week at NDI

This year, Safety Week – an initiative organised by the signatories of the Agreement for Safety in Construction takes place from 13 to 19 May.

The NDI Group entered into the agreement in February this year https://www.ndi.pl/grupa-ndi-czlonkiem-zrzeszonym-porozumienia-dla-bezpieczenstwa-w-budownictwie. The Agreement for Safety in Construction is an initiative of general contractors to improve safety at construction sites. The goal is “zero accidents” and this year’s motto is “Never take shortcuts”.

‘The motto that accompanies this year’s edition of Safety Week is not accidental and carries a clear message,’ says Justyna Mierzejewska, Head of the OHS Department at NDI. ‘Any accident can be avoided by complying with applicable OHS procedures and standards. In this way, anyone who starts to work can take care of themselves and their colleagues. This year’s message is mainly addressed to employees. At the same time, this motto has strong overtones for the managerial and supervisory staff of the construction site, who every day with their exemplary attitude, commitment, enforcement and consistency in action have a huge impact on the safe execution of works.

NDI Safety Week this year includes a workshop on first aid based on practical exercises, meetings with inspectors from the National Labour Inspectorate, lectures of companies providing OHS security, instructions on how to properly use mobile platforms, demonstrations of safe techniques of working at height, office relaxation organised both in branch offices as well as on construction sites.

The planned activities are aimed at improving the OHS skills when performing tasks related to the implementation of the construction process, but not only, because they can be useful in everyday life as well.

Let us not take shortcuts, also in the context of the organisation of the event itself – our commitment and reliable preparation and participation in planned activities will pay off with higher OHS standards. We may save someone’s life or health. Let us take the challenge. It is really worth participating in this valuable initiative,’ adds Justyna Mierzejewska

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