Rotunda PKO BP



NDI SA is going to implement a renovation project concerning the PKO Bank Polski Rotunda in Warsaw, which is one of the most distinctive buildings of the city. The scope of the works includes the demolition of the existing building and the construction in its place of a new service building along with complete technical infrastructure. The PKO BP Rotunda located at 100/102 Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw was erected in the 1960s and rebuilt in 1979 after the gas explosion that had destroyed about 70% of the structure. It is a one-level building with a basement that goes beyond the outline of the main structure and a spacious mezzanine above the ground floor. The supporting structure on the level of ground floors is composed of steel columns, on which the steel roof structure is based.
NDI SA General Contractor NDI SA
PKO BP Investor PKO BP
2017-2019 Project's execution 2017-2019
about 500 tons
steel structure weight
48 ground-based peripheral poles
height of about 13 meters consists of a steel structure
about 21 tons
weighs the central column of the structure
13 underground peripheral poles
height of about 4 meters consists of a steel structure

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