The project involves work in the gas industry, hydraulic engineering and trenchless engineering, which makes the task even more interesting for us and allows us to use the strengths of the General Contractor, NDI Energy, namely, combining various specialisations within one project. The Goleniów-Police gas pipeline is a very important infrastructure, supplying natural gas to, among others, the city of Szczecin and the Chemical Plant in Police. As part of work at the Olszanka Nature Reserve, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) with a length of 2010 lm, which is a record in Poland, will be performed with Intersect (Meeting in the Middle) technology. Works using this method will involve drilling a pilot hole in two directions simultaneously. Furthermore, as part of the project, NDI Energy will carry out the dismantling of two lines of the old DN500 and DN400 gas pipelines located several metres below the surface of the Szczecin Lagoon, where NDI S.A. will be supporting us.
NDI Energy General Contractor NDI Energy
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