Railway Line 29



The project was completed in 5 months. The project included construction works which enable train traffic at velocity 100 km/h speed in the Tłuszcz - Wyszków section and at velocity 120 km/h speed in the Wyszków – Ostrołęka section. The construction works included: - remodelling of the track at a length of 5.04 km - railway crossings renovation - renovation of several engineering constructions - remodelling of the Jarzębia Łąka passenger station - covering SPP units of the B category at four crossings to improve safety
NDI SA, Balzola General Contractor NDI SA, Balzola
PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA Investor PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA
2012 Project's execution 2012
12 million PLN
gross value of the project
120 kilometers per hour
speed of trains on the section Wyszków-Ostroleka aftere project completion
5 months
project's execution

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