Sopot City Centre Project


2006 – 2009

The revitalization of the City Centre of Sopot is one of the pioneering projects implemented in the formula of Public-Private Partnership.

We executed the project without the statutory legal framework, setting a standard on the Polish market for PPP projects. The project started with the procedure to choose a developer for the project in 1997, and the facilities were put into operation in 2009.

 The legal formula of the project was entirely based on the act on real estate, because the PPP Act and the act on concessions for construction works and services entered into force in the years 2008-2009 – during the finishing works of the Project. 


NDI participated in the project as a developer, investor and general contractor of all facilities.

City Centre of Sopot

The idea of ​​rebuilding the resort centre had been born nearly 12 years before the project was started. This huge project was extremely challenging for the investment partners: the City of Sopot, NDI and Bank PKO BP, as well as for designers, contractors and the investor – the design company Centrum Haffnera, whose name refers to Jerzy Haffner – founder and builder of the resort.
The investment City Centre of Sopot was executed in the most attractive and most visited area of Sopot – in the lower part of the Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, close to the pier and beach. The project of the Centre, refers to the history and tradition of the place, and combines what is very important for the city and its residents – spa tradition, prestige and uniqueness – with modernity and openness to the world and the future.
The whole area of ​​investment is a conservation zone, which means that the project had to be one hundred percent compatible with the conservation guidelines. The architects drew on the dominant eclectic architecture of Sopot from the early twentieth century and created a space whose form, architectural detail, and colour reflects the atmosphere of the old resorts of northern Europe.
The City Centre of Sopot is an important investment for NDI, not only because of its size, innovation and the challenges it posed for the company, but also because it was created in the heart of Sopot - the place with which NDI has always felt very strongly connected. This investment is one of the largest investments in Tri-City so far, especially if you compare the size of the project to the size of the city. Most importantly, it has contributed to strengthening the position of Sopot as one of the most attractive cities in Poland.

What did Sopot gain?

City-development factor – the city gained a revitalized space, forming a representative centre of the socio-cultural life of the residents as well as conference and hotel space, thanks to which Sopot today hosts the most important business, political and cultural events.More accommodation and conference facilities of the resort.
Premises for public services including the State Art Gallery and Tourist Information.Infrastructure in the form of a road tunnel under the Monte Cassino street and rebuilt underground infrastructure.Execution of the investment in the form of PPP has significantly shortened the project implementation process, the construction works alone lasted only 3 years.

Sopot City Centre in numbers

ALMOST 100 million euros
total budget of the project
5 buildings
the tunnel under Monte Cassino and the technical infrastructure in the project area
NEARLY 51000 square meters
total area of ​​new buildings

Green city centre

Planted within the scope of the project:

  • 2,000 shrubs
  • 150 beeches
  • 60 sycamore trees
  • 150 spruces
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