A1 Motorway


2005 – 2011

In consortium with Skanska SA we built the northern section of A1 motorway with a length of 152 km. It was project of a strategic significance to the national transport grid.
We were also involved in the project in the capacity of a joint investor via our subsidiary holding an equity interest in the concessionaire – Gdańsk Transport Company S.A. (GTC SA).

Public Private Partnership – A1 Motorway

The project is pursued under the public-private formula with the government on the one hand and the private partner (GTC S.A.) on the other hand.
Gdańsk Transport Company S.A. (GTC S.A.) was the latter accountable for comprehensive implementation of the project consisting in the designing, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of the motorway.
NDI has made use of its years’ long experience in development to commit itself especially to the structuring and financing of the project.

The construction of the152 km long concession-based section of the A1 Motorway was split into two phases:

Phase I

The signing with the government, in the year 2004, of the agreement to build the first stage in the investment, i.e. the 90-km long motorway section from Rusocin to Nowe Marzy. The contract value amounted to EUR529 MM.

Phase II

The signing with the government, in the year 2008, of the agreement to build the second stage in the investment, i.e. the 62-km long section from Nowe Marzy toToruń. The contract value amounted to EUR730 MM.

Phase I in numbers

529 millions euro
project value

90 kilometers of the roadway
6 interchanges

56 machines with 3D GPS system, which allowed performing the works with the exactitude of 1 cm

90 kilometers
length of the motorway section

23 milions square meters of soil moved 
6 toll plazas
3 double service areas (MOPs)

23 mln cubic meters
of soil moved

86 bridge structures
100 thousand tonnes of the bitumen mix per month at peak times provided a single production plant
2 maintenance areas (OUAs)

Phase II in numbers

730 millions euro
project value

62,4 kilometers of the roadway
51 new bridges, including two large bridges over the Vistula River

5 interchanges

62 kilometers
the length of the motorway section

6 toll plazas
4 double service areas MOPs
5 interchanges

10 mln cubic meters
of soil moved

1 maintenance area OUA 
2 kilometers- MA-91 the longest motorway bridge in Poland


Prize for
A1 Motorway

In January 2012 the A1 Motorway concessionaire – GTC SA – was distinguished with the Vector award „For making the dream shared by millions of Poles wishing to drive along Polish motorways but unattainable for 20 years come true. For proving it to the officials and politicians that Private-Public Partnership is beneficial to the entire country.”

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