1 December 2013

Official opening ceremony of the Equestrian Centre in Sopot Hipodrom

On 1st December 2013 the official opening ceremony of the Equestrian Centre in Sopot Hipodrom was held. The complete project was executed comprehensively by NDI SA within two public tenders. The net value of the investment amounted to 43.600.000 zl (53.600.000 zl gross).

On 27th June 2012 NDI SA signed the first contract for stage 1 construction in the amount of 25.700.000 zl net. The revitalisation of the Hipodrom complex consisted of comprehensive investment effort including construction of new buildings, landscaping, expansion and revamp of the existing structures. Five new buildings were erected and the other buildings were overhauled, redeveloped or restored. New buildings comprise stables for recreational and sport horses and the garage and workshop building with employee facilities. Partially pulled down building number 7 was replaced with two new constructions: the jockey house and box stalls for horses awaiting the race. In two stables with the total usable floor area of almost 10.000 m2 nearly 200 box stalls for horses are located. Also, the construction comprises the dressage ground, warm up arena, wash rooms, solaria for horses and hippotherapy facilities. Following the selection of the winning tender for construction of the main ménage hall, NDI SA signed another contract in the amount of nearly 18.000.000 zl net. Within the project the old ménage hall was demolished and a new hall with the total usable floor area of 3 200 m2 was erected. The structure comprises the spectators’ area with catering annexes and the office and hotel area. The building works commenced in December 2012 and completed in October 2013.

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