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About NDI Group

The NDI Group is made up of companies specializing in organisation and execution of investment projects in the areas of construction, energy and hydro engineering. We have been operating in the market since 1991. NDI creates also its own investment projects, in which investors are special purpose vehicles being part of the Group.

Among our completed projects, we can enumerate an infrastructure project: the A1; development projects: the Haffner Center and the Sheraton Poznań Hotel; as well as residential projects: Apartamenty przy Plaży [Apartments by the Beach], the Tre Mare Residence, or the Kapriola Estate. With the help of one of the companies within the group, Inter Energia SA, we are also an active participant in the market of trade in electricity and property rights on the Polish Power Exchange and on other trading platforms.


Construction is the basis of our Group’s activities. NDI SA and NDI Sp. z o.o. are responsible for this area. As the General Contractor, we carry out projects in the field of cubature construction, as well as infrastructural construction, including hydrotechnical and energy projects. We are not afraid of complex projects. Practically speaking, each of our projects was an operational, logistic or constructional challenge:

construction of the northern section of A1 Motorway – a project of strategic importance for the entire transport system of the country
modernisation of railway and tramway sections – projects of particular importance, often carried out on the “living organism” of the city or a functioning railway line
• cubature projects with a high degree of complexity – e.g. Shakespeare Theatre with construction of an openable roof, unique on a European scale or Terminal T2 of Lech Walesa airport, carried out while maintaining the full operability of the facility

Real property

Since the beginning of our activity we have been active on the developer market. We have worked for the largest clients from the hotel or financial sector – realising, among others, all Sheraton chain facilities in Poland, or headquarters of the largest banks such as CFP PKO BP in Warsaw or the headquarters of ING Bank in Katowice.
Today, NDI Development which is responsible for developer activities in the NDI Group, specialises primarily in investments in premium or higher standard real properties throughout Poland. It carries out projects both, on its own properties and on the plots of its Partners.

Energy/Gas industry

Inter Energia SA, a member of the NDI Group, is an active participant in the electricity trading market and property rights trading on the Polish Power Exchange and other trading platforms. The Company also carries out sales to end users and provides trade balancing services. Inter Energia also produces green energy based on two small biogas plants.
Through NDI Energy, we are also active in the energy construction market. The company implements, among others, high, medium and low pressure gas networks, oil pipelines, technological pipelines, water and sewage networks with comprehensive development of accompanying infrastructure.

Investment/Public-Private Partnership
The NDI Group also creates its own investment projects where special purpose companies belonging to the Group are the investors. Among the projects where NDI Group companies were the investor or co-investor, the A1 Motorway and the Sopot Centre project (implemented in the formula of Public-Private Partnership), within which 5 cubature facilities were built, should be distinguished:
• Sheraton Hotel
• Haffner Centre
• Spa house
• Office building
• Maritime House
We actively operate on the premium real estate market, we have completed housing projects in Sopot, such as: Przy Plaży Apartments, Tre Mare Residence and in Warsaw – Kapriola.Housing estate

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NDI for the society

We enable students and graduates gain their first vocational experience through participation in practical training and internship. For instance, we found an internship programme under the ‘Summer Internship’ project run by the City Hall of Gdańsk.

We take part in research projects in economics and economy, hand in hand with e.g. the Foundation of Economy and Public Administration, Gdańsk Institute for Market Economy, and Gdańsk University of Technology. We are particularly willing to engage in student projects, to name e.g. the European BEST Engineering Competition Poland. We also take pride in supporting youth sports teams, for example through cooperation with the Pomeranian Regional Basketball Association. We also have a long history of cultural patronage – we are keen to engage in supporting both local cultural institutions and individual artists.

NDI for the future

Operating in the Polish construction market since 1991, we have accumulated an immense capital of know-how and experience. Today, our goal is to utilise it to the best advantage of the whole industry.

We actively engage in efforts focused on improving the functioning of the Polish construction market, particularly in such areas as the public procurement system and education. We realise that introduction of good and systemic changes takes time and proper consideration of the opinions expressed by numerous circles. We are willing to join in initiatives and participate actively in the fora which enable us to present our position to the market regulators.



Polish Hercules of 2017
The President of NDI SA Group, Jerzy Gajweski, has been awarded with the title of Polish Hercules 2017 by the editors and Board of the monthly magazine Builder. President Gajweski received a special award, golden statuette, for outstanding achievements in the development of the company, its strong position on the Polish construction market, investment successes and the highest quality of services. For taking business challenges, including the implementation of PPP projects.


Autorytet - Budownictwa i Gospodarki Śląskiej
Nagroda przyznana pani Prezes Małgorzacie Winiarek-Gajewskiej przez Śląską Izbę Budownictwa za profesjonalne i wysoce efektywne zarządzanie kierowanym przedsiębiorstwem oraz za osobisty wkład w rozwój budownictwa i gospodarki regionu śląskiego i kraju.


Śląska Wielka Nagroda Budownictwa
Nagroda dla NDI SA przyznana przez Śląską Izbę Budownictwa za wysoce profesjonalne organizowanie realizacji kluczowych przedsięwzięć inwestycyjnych budownictwa kubaturowego i infrastrukturalnego na terenie województwa śląskiego i kraju.


Mecenas Kultury Sopotu
Grupa NDI została uhonorowana tytułem Mecenasa Kultury Sopotu 2017 – za działania wspierające rozwój kultury w Sopocie, a w szczególności za sponsorowanie Międzynarodowego Festiwalu NDI Sopot Classic oraz przedsięwzięć artystycznych realizowanych przez Fundację Teatru Atelier im. Agnieszki Osieckiej.


Construction of the Year 2016
Container Terminal DCT 2 won the Construction of the Year 2016 award (1st degree), granted by PZITB in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction and the Main Office of Construction Supervision.


Business Gazelles for NDI sp. z o.o. First place in the regional ranking and fourth place in the nationwide ranking of Business Gazelles, organized by Puls Biznesu.


Build Safely
First place of NDI S.A. for the construction of the new berth with adjoining storage yard at Port DCT Gdańsk S.A. and third place for the construction of residential buildings with service areas “TRE-MARE” in Gdańsk. The contest organized by the National Labour Inspectorate.


Personality of the Year 2016 in the category of Business title awarded to NDI's CEO, Jerzy Gajewski, for the implementation of a number of investments, including Terminal T2 in DCT.


Award of the Year from the Association of Polish Architects 2015 for a sport and recreation center in Olsztyn. This project was recognized in the category “Public Space.”


Build Safely 2016 two projects by NDI on the podium: the DCT2 Project won, and the Tre Mare Project came third. The competition was organized by the National Labor Inspectorate.


Modernization of the Year 2015 awarded by the Association for the Protection of Polish Material Heritage in cooperation with the Association of Polish Counties and the Polish Industrial and Commercial Chamber of Construction.


Crystal Brick 2015—awarded by the Polish Housing Society—Lublin for a sport and recreation center in Olsztyn.


The Best Architectural Object Erected With Public Funds 2014—awarded by the Association of Polish Architects.


Construction Company of the Year 2013—title awarded by Builder magazine.


Medal of Pomerania and Kuyavia 2012 for the A1—awarded for the section of the A1 from Nowe Marzy to Czerniewice by the Kuyavian and Pomeranian Chamber of Construction.


Forbes Diamonds 2012—first place in the “Forbes Diamonds” ranking in the category of companies with annual revenues of more than PLN 250 million in Pomerania Province and second place in the whole country.


Bridge Work of the Year 2011—for the construction of the MA-91 Bridge near Grudziądz, on the A1. The bridge is about 2 km long and it is currently the longest motorway bridge in Poland. Awarded by the Polish Society of Bridge Engineers.


Forbes Diamonds 2011—first place in the “Forbes Diamonds” ranking in the category of companies with annual revenues of more than PLN 250 million in Pomerania Province and in the whole country.


Regional Leader of Innovation and Development 2010, awarded by the Foundation for Innovation and Development in the category “Dynamic Company Among Medium-Sized Enterprises in Pomerania Province.”


Eagles of Polish Construction 2010—second place in the category “Development Services.”


Platynowe wiertło [Platinum Drill] 2009 for the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot, in the category “Public Utility Construction.” Awarded by the company Bosh-Elektronarzędzia



Establishment of Nederpol Ltd., the prototype of today’s NDI Group.


First project in the hotel segment, the beginning of cooperation with ITT Starwood in Poland as a Polish consultant we participated in the process of building the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel & Towers.


First investment in the office space segment: the Financial Center, Puławska Street in Warsaw.


Construction of the TUiR Warta building in Warsaw and the Center of ING Bank Śląski in Katowice.


Construction of the headquarters of Grupa Ergo Hestia in Sopot; this project allowed Nederpol to clearly mark its presence in the local real estate market of the Tricity.


Company name changes to NDI SA.


Beginning of the construction of the first stage of the A1, the largest infrastructure project in Pomerania, Poland.


Beginning of the Sopot Center project, an investment as part of which five architectural objects appeared in three years and the road layout in the city center was restructured.


Beginning of the construction of the second stage of the A1: from Nowe Marze to Toruń.


First own development project in the premium real estate segment: Apartamenty przy Plaży [Apartments by the Beach] in Gdańsk, Jelitkowo.


NDI SA appears twice at the top of the prestigious Forbes ranking: in 2011 as the best company in Poland with revenues of more than PLN 250 million, and in 2012 by taking second place in the country and coming first in Pomerania Province.


Beginning of business activities in the market of railway infrastructure: modernization of the LK 29 (Tłuszcz-Ostrołęka).


Beginning of business activities in the market of urban infrastructure construction: the reconstruction of a tramway in the center of Katowice.


Beginning of business activities in the market of hydro engineering infrastructure construction: the construction of the DCT2 Container Terminal in the Northern Port in Gdańsk. In this project we are participating as a major subcontractor of the Belgian group of companies Besix.


Extension of the New Passenger Terminal T2 in Gdansk City Airport completed.


Launching DCT 2 Terminal - first NDI's hydro engineerig project of such importance.


The NDI Group has become a strategic partner of the educational program for young construction engineers: Builder For Young Engineers.


NDI Group became a titular sponsor of Sopot Classic International Music Festival.


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