22 September 2014

NDI S.A. has placed the most advantageous tender for railway construction project Olsztyn – Szczytno – Szymany

The Consortium of NDI S.A. and NDI Sp. z o.o. has placed the best bid for ‘Revitalisation and Upgrading of the Railway Lines: Olsztyn – Szczytno – Szymany (the Olsztyn – Szczytno section: line No. 219, and the Szymany – Szczytno section – line No. 35) to Provide a Railway Link between the Modernised Airport in Szymany and Olsztyn – Phase II”.

The bids were opened on 18 September 2014. The tender was entered by seven contractors. The proposal lodged by the NDI Consortium is priced at PLN 61 330 526.73 gross. The Awarding Entity has dedicated the budget of PLN 68 391 498.02 gross to the project.

The contract is split into two phases.

Phase one will be performed based on the construction design documentation provided by the Awarding Entity. The phase will involve building of about 1.57 km of a new line to branch off line No. 35 before the Szymany station and head to the Mazury Airport in Szymany, including the platform, platform roof, and street furniture at the airport terminal in Szymany.

Phase two will be pursued under the design and build formula, and consist in building the Local Control Centre (LCS) for the Szczytno station, including the accompanying infrastructure.

The Contractor is to complete the contract within 12 months after its signing.

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