Municipal stadium

The Municipal Stadium will be built within the following districts: Osiedle Witosa, Załęska Hałda-Brynów – western part and Załęże. From the north, the area closes the A4 motorway. The organisation and preparation of the construction site began in September. The investment has been divided into two stages. The first, carried out by NDI, is the construction of a stadium, a sport and entertainment hall, and the main square, two full-size training pitches and parking lots for cars and coaches. The development of the area around the stadium will also begin, along with the construction of roads, pavements, and bicycle routes.

The stadium will be a single-space, one-storey, above-ground structure with enclosed facilities (kiosks) under the auditorium, while the sports hall is a facility with 3 above-ground storeys. The entire sports complex will be surrounded by a 50×50 cm roofed colonnade supporting the steel roof structure.

The functional structure of the stadium is shaped by the pitch, the auditorium, and the roof. The second one will be made up of 4 inclined stands connected by diagonal corners, under which 4 gates are located, allowing car access to the pitch (105×68 m) and ensuring ventilation of the turf (equipped with drainage, irrigation and heating systems).

The southern, eastern and northern stands will ultimately consist of 21 uplifted rows, while the western stand will consist of 20 rows due to the functional connection with some rooms on the 2nd floor of the sports hall building (including VIP lounges). The total number of seats for supporters in the auditorium will be 14,843 (including 14,807 chairs and 36 lots for disabled people), and the total number of seats in the stadium will be 14,893 (50 seats for media and multimedia service representatives). There are 773 seats for visiting guests in sector 16 and partially in sectors 15 and 17. It is possible to extend the visitors’ supporter zone by sector 17 in the area of the northern stand (by another 417 seats). In turn, 563 seats in the central part of the west stand are the so-called VIP area. In the north-west part of the stadium 187 seats will be a zone of the family sector.

The stadium will be equipped with 2 jumbotrons with dimensions of approx. 4.9×6.9 m.

Sports hall. The representative entrance zone to the sports hall building is the southern entrance courtyard and the two-story entrance hall with exposure to the indoor sports hall. It will be equipped with 2,792 seats and a wide bypass at the level of the last row of seats. On the west and east side of the above-mentioned zone, there are all other functions that contribute to the functional and operational program of the sports complex of the stadium and the hall, including sports facilities, the complex of VIP rooms, the complex of monitoring rooms, the complex of media service rooms for events, administrative facilities, service and technical facilities. There is a parking lot for security and emergency services under the courtyard.

Land development. As part of the first stage of the investment, approximately 252 parking spaces for cars (including 13 parking spaces for people with disabilities) and 11 parking spaces for coaches will be built. In the vicinity of the stadium, a part of the communication system will also be built, along with pavements. Trees and shrubs will also be planted, and street furniture will appear.

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UM Katowice Investor UM Katowice
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