Housing estate Moderna



Information about the project: - the Moderna estate will consists of multi-family, 4-, 5- and 12-floor buildings which will be built in four stages - during the first stage, 3 buildings comprising 167 flats will be constructed - each flat will have a loggia, a balcony or a terrace, while the flats on the ground floor will have home gardens - Moderna estate is being built in the rapidly developing district of Targówek - at the intersection of Malbork and Głębocka streets. In total, the estate will accommodate approx. 750 apartments. The name of the investment refers to its characteristic, modern aesthetics. - NDI is a general contractor of the I, II and IV stage of investment
NDI SA General Contractor NDI SA
Dom Development Investor Dom Development
2015-2017 Project’s execution 2015-2017

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