11 January 2023

Grupa NDI wspiera akcję pomocy ukraińskim dzieciom

NDI Group supports campaign to help Ukrainian children

NDI Group has purchased 1000 copies of the album “Neighbours – Art Against War”. Proceeds from their sale will be donated to Martyna Wojciechowska’s UNAWEZA Foundation to help Ukrainian children from foster families and orphanages. NDI will gift the purchased albums to business partners and contractors instead of traditional Christmas gifts.

As the initiators of the “Neighbours” project explain, in the face of Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine, their project is intended as a symbol of European unity and community. For this purpose, artists from Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Belarus, together with the initiator of the project – Drukomat printing house – joined forces and created a unique collection of graphics in the form of a paper publication as well as a series of posters.

The album, in two unique publication versions under the artistic direction of Patryk Hardziej, is the artists’ manifesto against the war in Ukraine. Their artistic expression resonates as a social expression of the struggle for freedom. By speaking the diverse language of art, they want to support the Ukrainian sisters and brothers facing armed aggression with all their strength.

Importantly, all proceeds from the sale of albums and posters will be donated to Martyna Wojciechowska’s UNAWEZA Foundation to help Ukrainian children evacuated from orphanages and foster families.
To support such a noble initiative, the NDI Group did not give its business partners traditional Christmas gifts this year. Instead, it purchased 1000 “Neighbours – Art Against War” albums.

For more information about the project, visit https://neighboursart.com/about-neighbours/.

“Neighbours Art Against War is a special project, and we did not hesitate to get involved in it. Since the beginning of the war, we have sought to support institutions organising help for Ukrainians who have found refuge in Poland. We congratulate and thank the publisher and all the artists involved in the creation of this exceptional work — the Neighbours album. We must not be indifferent while, next door, in our neighbouring country, the ongoing war is causing countless human misery. With this symbolic gesture, we are contributing to helping those who need it the most today, says Małgorzata Winiarek-Gajewska, President of the Management Board of the NDI Group.

“Neighbourliness is when you are close to each other; it is a relationship that relates to place. Depending on how you look at it: sometimes we are divided by a fence, sometimes by a floor, a wall or a playground, just like the borders of a country. Unfortunately, living in close proximity does not always bring peace but we should always help without borders because good neighbours are always close by. I thank the NDI Group immensely for purchasing the NEIGHBOURS albums in the magical amount of 1000 pieces. This extraordinary gesture of support and exceptional help is evidence of great empathy, identical with the values of living in peace and closeness. NDI Group is creating a new chapter in the NEIGHBOURS project and provides a very strong foundation of support for Ukrainian children from orphanages and foster families,” says Magda Rejman, the initiator of the NEIGHBOURS project and the team of drukomat.pl

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