Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre




Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre

Completion of the comprehensive project of erecting the Shakespear Theatre in Gdańsk. The project comprises all construction works, including indoor installations, outdoor technical infrastructure, traffic system, and landscaping.

Information about the project:
- 6 thousand square metres in area, out of which more than 1 thousand is reserved for the green
- the volume of the building, including its above-ground and underground sections, adds up to more than 50 thousand cubic metres
- the building is unique in structure with its retractable roof reminiscing of the theatrical performances in the Elizabethan times when theatre stages were unroofed
- depending on the arrangement of the three stages and the audience, the capacity of the theatre range between ca 400 and 500 people

NDI SA General Contractor NDI SA
Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre Investor Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre
2013-2014 Project's execution 2013-2014
około 160 ton

ważą obie połacie otwieranego dachu

ponad 400 metrów kwadratowych

całkowita powierzchnia otwieranego dachu

około 700000

ręcznie formowanych antracytowych
cegieł wykorzystano przy budowie Teatru