16 December 2022

An important milestone in the construction of the Gustorzyn-Leśniewice gas pipeline

A year has passed since the contract for the construction of the Gustorzyn-Leśniewice gas pipeline was signed. The general contractor for this project, the consortium of NDI Energy and ZRUG, has started strength and leak tests.

The construction of the 54-kilometre-long Gustorzyn-Leśniewice gas pipeline section is the first of three stages planned as part of the construction of the Gustorzyn – Wronów DN1000 high-pressure gas pipeline. The project commissioned by GAZ-SYSTEM is intended to transport gas towards the Warsaw and Łódź agglomerations, to Radom and its surroundings, as well as to the south-eastern regions of Poland.

“A total of 54 kilometres of DN1000 gas pipeline with an operating pressure of 8.4 MPa are to be completed, including 46 trenchless crossings: 35 jackings/drillings, 3 direct pipes and 8 microtunnels. From an engineering point of view, the most interesting trenchless technology carried out as part of this project was the three direct-pipe trenchless crossings. The longest one is 461 metres long and goes under the Lubienka River,” says Łukasz Zasada, site manager from NDI Energy. “Now we plan to begin pressure testing, which will be the culmination of our work to date. After the tests are completed, we will proceed with the land reclamation and the transfer of plots to the owners.”




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