1 December 2016

Filing an application – Lower Town in Gdańsk

On 11/14/2016, NDI Group, represented by the company NDI DK Sp. z o.o., filed an application for admission to participate in a procedure concerning the conclusion of a public-private partnership agreement for the purpose of implementing the project “Zaprojektowanie, sfinansowanie, wybudowanie i eksploatacja obiektu wielofunkcyjnego obejmującego funkcje sportowo rekreacyjne w dzielnicy Wrzeszcz w Gdańsku [Designing, financing, constructing, and operating a multi-purpose building for sports and recreation in Wrzeszcz, Gdańsk, Poland],” as a result of which on 11/28/2016 NDI DK sp. z o.o. was asked by the City of Gdańsk to participate in the negotiations.

As part of the project, on the plot located at the intersection of Legiony Avenue and Kościuszko Street, a multi-purpose swimming pool (with a 25 x 12.5 m Olympic pool, a 10 x 6 m recreational pool, and hot tub basins) along with areas fulfilling social and commercial functions will be built. According to the schedule of negotiations adopted by the City of Gdańsk, the date of concluding the PPP agreement is planned for July 2017.