29 November 2016

Filing an application – Lower Town in Gdańsk

On 11/14/2016, Grupa NDI, represented by the company NDI Projekt 101 Sp. z o.o., filed an application for admission to participate in a procedure concerning the conclusion of a public-private partnership agreement for the purpose of implementing the project “Zagospodarowanie obszaru dawnej zajezdni tramwajowej na Dolnym Mieście w Gdańsku [The management of the area of the former tram depot in the Lower Town of Gdańsk, Poland],” as a result of which on 11/30/2016 NDI Projekt 101 sp. z o.o. was asked by the City of Gdańsk to participate in the negotiations.

As part of the project, the renovation of a large part of the Lower Town in Gdańsk is planned, which—aside from the reconstruction of the historic buildings destroyed as a consequence of 20th century warfare—will also consist in the renovation of the tram depot at the intersection of Toruńska and Radna Streets, and the reconstruction of roads and the network of underground infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the newly-planned buildings. What is more, the bastions will also undergo changes—they are to be renovated in terms of land management in order to create a space for active leisure and outdoor activities. According to the schedule of negotiations adopted by the City of Gdańsk, the date of concluding the PPP agreement is planned for June 2017.