The work will be carried out in two stages. NDI Energy will focus on construction works in the areas of sewage treatment technology, building structures with landscaping, electricity, automation and control. As part of the first stage of work, the reconstruction and expansion of the sewage and sludge lines are planned, which will positively affect the quality of treated sewage and sludge. Construction and technological works will also be carried out for the construction of biofilters, pumping stations, tanks etc. Furthermore, the contractor will carry out electrical work as well as automation and control. The company will also carry out illumination of the area, remove the overhead power line conflict and provide an electrical supply design. The linear facilities will include sludge, compressed air, water and odour pipelines as well as power and control cables. The second stage of the project will include the construction of a technical building, sludge storage tanks and a lime silo. The social building will be reconstructed. Additionally, the contractor will take care of land development – building access roads and manoeuvring areas, fencing the facility and planting greenery. Moreover, NDI Energy will carry out the demolition of the existing sludge container station together with the foundation.
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15,3 milionów złotych Contract Value 15,3 milionów złotych
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