14 July 2022

The regional road 512 between Bartoszyce and Pieniężno is almost ready!

Zakończono najważniejsze prace związane z przebudową drogi wojewódzkiej 512 w warmińsko-mazurskim. Już wkrótce kierowcy będą mogli poruszać się w pełni zmodernizowanym, blisko 50-kilometrowym odcinkiem między Pieniężnem a Bartoszycami. Choć realizacja od początku do łatwych nie należała, do wykonania pozostały jedynie ostatnie prace przy skarpach oraz nasadzenia.

The most important works related to the reconstruction of the 512 regional road in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship have been completed. Soon, road users will be able to travel on a fully modernised, nearly 50-kilometre section between Pieniężno and Bartoszyce. Although the project was challenging from the beginning, only the last works on the slopes and plantings are yet to be done.

The investor of this project is the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship – Voivodeship Roads Management in Olsztyn, and the General Contractor is the consortium of companies from the NDI Group. As part of the modernisation, NDI has been tasked with the construction of the bypass for the town of Górowo Iławeckie and the Wojciechy village, the correction of the horizontal and vertical curves of the voivodeship road 512, as well as the construction and reconstruction of the road intersections. In addition, the construction work covered engineering facilities, bridges (in Pełty and Wiewiórki), culverts and bus bays, pavements and parking spaces. Moreover, a weigh station for trucks with a place for handling these vehicles and individual and public exits were provided for. New street lighting and drainage of the road along with its expansion were also to be made.

During the execution of the project, the scope of our work has been expanded. The tasks of strengthening the substrate with displacement piles and geosynthetic mattresses and replacing the soil have been added,” explains Marta Szydłowska, Project Director from the NDI Group.

Precision to the minute

This, however, was not the only challenge that the general contractor had to face.

In the case of this task, the logistics of the construction, i.e., ensuring the continuous supply of materials while simultaneously carrying out works on many sections at the same time, was of great importance. This sometimes required the coordination of material deliveries almost to the minute,” says Robert Wąsewicz, Site Manager from the NDI Group.

In addition, we needed to allow the passage and access to the property to the local residents during the months-long construction, which, taking into account the poor system of the road network along the DW512, was not so easy.

“Today, we can boast that the implementation of this investment is nearing completion. All that remains to be done is additional slope reinforcement, which we plan to do by September, and plantings, which will be implemented in the autumn,” says Marta Szydłowska, Project Director from the NDI Group.

270 thousand m3 of embankments

The investment has been impressive from the very beginning. It included the completion of, among other things: 90 culverts, embankments in the amount of about 270 thousand m3, substructure of unbound mixture, for which about 120 thousand tonnes of mixture were required, and substructure of MCE (about 24 thousand m3). The total supply of the mineral and asphalt mixture amounted to approx. 130 thousand tonnes.


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