15 November 2018

Cornerstone for another construction project in the Port of Gdansk

Intensive works on the alteration of the road and rail system in the Port of Gdansk are underway. The cornerstone has just been laid for the construction of a new flyover in the Northern Port.

The Port of Gdansk Authority is implementing the largest investment programme in its history. One of its parts is the development of the road and railway track network in the Northern Port. This is one of several projects that received 85% funding from the EU Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme. The works are carried out by NDI, which has just started the construction of the flyover at ul. Kontenerowa.

‘The Port of Gdansk is the most dynamically developing port of Europe. In the last two years it has been breaking records of trans-shipments. Statistics indicate that several thousand containers are transported daily to and from the port. To ensure efficient handling of such a significant volume of loads, the highest quality infrastructure is required. The flyover, whose construction we are beginning today, will run over the also extended railway line. Thanks to this, the road and rail transport will not interfere with each other,’ says Małgorzata Winiarek-Gajewska, President of the Management Board of NDI SA.

‘The potential of the port is determined by its infrastructure. The handling volume is increasing, our business partners are developing and expanding their business, which is why we must provide roads and tracks that will facilitate the efficient transport of goods. This project will fill a huge gap in the port infrastructure and will certainly contribute to the Port of Gdansk being one of the leading European ports,’ explains Łukasz Greinke, President of the PGA.

As part of the project to expand the road and rail system in the Northern Port, the following streets will be altered: Poinca, Kontenerowa and Budowniczych Portu Północnego. A part of ul. Nowa Portowa will be built. There will be an additional track to the DCT terminal, new tracks for coal terminals and a modern rail traffic control system. There will also be a buffer lorry car park – the first one in this part of the Port.

NDI will alter a total of approximately 5.6 km of streets. It will also modernize and build 9.4 km of tracks and 16 turnouts. Two road flyovers will be demolished: over active railway tracks and a set of fuel pipes. They will be replaced with as many as four new ones. To perform the task, the Contractor will use 130,000 tonnes of steel, mineral and asphalt masses and aggregates, as well as over 11,000 m3 of concrete.

The new road and rail system is also to provide facilities for the future Central Port, which will double the handling volume of the Port of Gdansk to 100 million tonnes per year. – We must think long-term.

‘The port is an enterprise where investments are made to last for decades. Modern infrastructure must not only meet the challenges of the current economic situation, but should also take into account the future development and potential of Gdansk as the most important logistics hub in Central Europe,’ says Marcin Osowski, Vice President for Infrastructure at the PGA.

The contract value is PLN 175,840,000 gross. The project will have been completed by the end of 2020.

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