13 March 2019

Construction of the Cell Culture Laboratory in Siemianowice Śląskie has commenced


Works on the construction of a modern Cell Culture Laboratory and Biovital Transplant Laboratory at the Burn Treatment Centre in Siemianowice Śląskie have been commenced.

Reconstruction and renovation of rooms in the Burn Treatment Centre in Siemanowice Śląskie is performed for the needs of the Multi-centre Integrated Institute for Chronic Wound Treatment.

The General Contractor of the investment in the design-build system is a consortium of companies from the NDI Group. The Investor is the Burn Treatment Centre.

Both the Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory and the Biovital Transplant Laboratory will meet the requirements of the GMP, i.e. Good Manufacturing Practice.

In the laboratories, there will be rooms of room cleanliness class “B” (the highest possible room cleanliness class is class “A”) as well as systems of personal and material airlocks of classes “C” and “D”, respectively. The rooms will be subject to constant monitoring and control of air parameters (number of solid particles, temperature, humidity, pressure). Preparation of rooms with appropriate cleanliness classes and required functionality is necessary to maintain appropriate procedures related to the development of new methods of growing cells for use in wound healing processes and the production of innovative, specialised dressings and biovital transplants for wounds that are difficult to heal.

‘In order to maintain the required cleanliness classes, the walls of the rooms will be made of specialistic “CLEAN ROOM” built-in panels, and the ceilings will be made of stainless panels. All element connections will be sealed to exclude the possibility of external air entering the laboratory,’ says Kamil Kasprzak, Construction Manager on behalf of NDI. Pressure cascades will be created between the rooms, and the personal airlocks and feeding windows will be equipped with cross locks. In the laboratories, we will use a system automatic door joinery completely flush with the surface of the walls so as to prevent dust deposition. Equipment such as sockets, connectors, signalling devices, monitors for controlling and adjusting air parameters will be similarly flush with the wall surface. The entire laboratory will be covered by a very extensive BMS and RMS system.

As a part of the project, NDI will carry out i.a.: ventilation and air conditioning systems (including the delivery of three hygienic AHUs and a water chiller), plumbing, central heating, process heat, chilled water, medical gas system (carbon dioxide system with an expansion station), electric, low voltage, ACS, IDS, CCTV-IP, Fire Alarm System.

The surface area of the renovated laboratories is 76.7 m2, together with 108.3 m2 of servicing rooms.

Works on the construction of the Burn Treatment Centre in Siemianowice Śląskie have been commenced on March 5 and will last until May 2019.

The NDI Group has experience in construction works for the medical sector.

In 2017, it completed the construction of a modern operating theatre with a helipad for the Upper Silesian Medical Centre. The operating theatre consists of 7 operating rooms, including a hybrid room equipped with a modern angiograph.

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