23 November 2022

Construction of a new Aleja Wojska Polskiego in Częstochowa has started!

Works related to the reconstruction of al. Wojska Polskiego in Częstochowa (DK-91). The challenges of completing the works, suspended after the termination of the contract due to the fault of the previous contractor, were undertaken by a consortium of companies from the NDI Group. Reconstruction is implemented in a strategic communication route for the city. Aleja Wojska Polskiego is a key traffic artery, but also an important point on the map of drivers traveling around our region and southern Poland.

Change in traffic organisation related to the closure of a significant section of al. Wojska Polskiego was introduced on November 3, 2022. It was necessary in order to intensify construction works and to gradually broaden their scope.

-Milling of bituminous surface has been started in this section. After old pavement removal, teams will begin the construction and reconstruction of the rainwater and sanitary sewage system, power and ICT networks, as well as the construction of the lower structural layers of the road pavement – says Tomasz Kawalec, site manager from NDI, the general contractor. – Next, we plan to start works on the construction of the WD1 (Legionów Street) and WD3 (Krakowska Street) facilities, consisting in basal reinforcement for their supports.

Other works include the demolition of two underground passages, followed by the start of construction of new passages.

In November, the contractor would like to start the reconstruction of the water supply network which is colliding with the newly designed road and bridge infrastructure, and the reconstruction of the heat pipeline in the vicinity of Okrzei street.
Works are currently underway on the reconstruction of the sanitary sewage system and the construction of a rainwater drainage system in several sections, as well as on the reconstruction of power networks, which collide with the newly designed road and bridge infrastructure. The greatest number of collisions with underground networks, which result in time-consuming works, can be found on the section of al. Wojska Polskiego.

-Works are also underway on the construction of a bridge over the Warta river. We made foundations in the second axis for the facilities on the left and right slip roads. Reinforcement and formwork of the foundations of the first axis the facilities on left and right slip roads are in progress. From the next week, we want to start reinforcing the supports of the facility on the slip roads in the second axis – adds site manager, Tomasz Kawalec from NDI.

In the coming weeks, the demolition of the remaining old existing facilities and the gradual demolition of footbridges and buildings in the area of Równoległa Street. Commencement of reconstruction of water, gas and heat pipelines is also planned. Road demolition works will be continued, and the contractor’s teams will start building the lower layers of the road surface structure. Also in November, the first structural elements of the new facility will be delivered to the construction site at the place of the flyover in Raków.

The entire project involves the reconstruction of the 5.5-kilometre-long section of al. Wojska Polskiego from the junction with al. Jana Pawła II to the intersection with ul. Rakowska. Each of the lanes will be 3.5 metres wide. It is also important to adapt the road structure to the load capacity of 115 kN per axle (single axle load of a truck) and assign it to the KR7 category.

New pavements, bicycle paths, bus bays and exits to the properties and parking spaces will be built as part of the investment. The task also includes the reconstruction of intersections with secondary roads, construction of a road junction with ul. Rakowska, three underpasses, demolition of six existing footbridges and construction of new ones, and renovation of three bridges and footbridges, as well as construction of five new bridge structures. What is more, the reconstruction of the drainage system, road lighting, service duct, acoustic screens and reconstruction of colliding devices and networks of the existing underground and ground infrastructure, i.e., ICT and power equipment, water supply networks, rainwater and sanitary sewage systems, gas networks, drainage and hydrological devices are also to be performed. The general contractor of the consortium of companies from the NDI Group is also responsible for the implementation of the target traffic organisation and for planting greenery. According to the contract, the contracting consortium has to complete the works, obtain permits and necessary acceptance by the end of November 2023.

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