11 November 2020

Construction of a hall for Orplast on the home straight

The construction of the hall for Orplast, a company based in Gdańsk, is nearing completion. Ultimately, the volume of the facility will be 35,859.46 m3, and the external dimensions will reach 78.91 metres by 54.41 metres. The hall has three floors. Most of its space will be used as a high-bay warehouse. There will also be a production section for injection moulding machines and a laboratory. The modern space will be used for production of innovative plastic containers, among other things. The usable floor area of the facility is 3,061.27 m2, and the commercial area is 36.21 m2.

NDI – Hala dla Orplast w Gdańsku from Grupa NDI on Vimeo.

The total net floor area of the hall will be 3,229.73 m2. Work on this investment started in November 2019 and will be completed in December this year. The facility is located in Letnica District in Gdańsk.

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