18 April 2012

We are building the Kapriola estate in the Wilanów district of Warsaw

The Kapriola estate is a complex of 47 functional terraced houses designed for active families treasuring independence and comfort. Phase one, scheduled for completion in the 1st quarter of the year 2013, embraces 18 homes, each totalling 175 to 207 m2in area.

The location in the western quarters of Wilanów, at Przyczółkowa Street, ensures convenient access to the centre of Warsaw and its business areas. The developing infrastructure of Wilanów includes a rich offer of educational, service, and trading facilities.

Attractive recreational expanses stretch in the neighbourhood, to name e.g. the Culture Parkin Powsin, the Natolin Parkand Botanical Gardens, as well as the Wilanów Stables and a popular cycling track in the immediate vicinity.
The ground floor plan combines a spacious living room, kitchen, dining room, and sitting room. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms occupy the upper floor. Each house has an attic opening onto an extensive terrace. The garden plots provide ideal space for the families to rest.

For details go to www.OsiedleKapriola.pl

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